Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel Management & Tourism

August 1, 2019
3 years



About the Course

Hotel Management or Hospitality Industry is a fast growing and demanding field of skilled professionals in the present scenario and is expected to be ever demanding. This growing industry frequently needs young, energetic and skilled graduates in India as well as abroad with high salary packages and rewards. The course enables the students to fill the gap between the highest standards of living, eating, meeting and greeting guests of standards and ours. A career in this field would be both exciting and challenging.

The Raipur Institute of Technology, which is the only group of Institutes in Chhattisgarh and central India to have such multidisciplinary courses, has in the recent past, opened avenues for this fast-growing and demanding field of Hotel Management within the famous and remarkable campus here at Chhatauna, MandirHasaud, Raipur. The Department of Hotel Management is well equipped with all required infrastructure for the courses. It has different labs for all the core subjects like

Travel & Tourism – where students are groomed to meet the requirements of travellers and facilitate them with safe, secure and enjoyable Travel & Tourism in all respects.
Front Office- where students are groomed to meet, greet and welcome different categories of tourists/guests with their standards,
Housekeeping- where students are trained and equipped with required skills to maintain the high accommodation standards of different categories of guests,
Food & Beverage Production- where students are involved in preparing different cuisines liked by people worldwide, as well as
Food & Beverage Service- where students are trained to serve different Delicacies, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages of high standards with different etiquettes of banquet setups etc. Students also gain expertise in Computers and other life skills including Personality Development.

After graduating in 3 years from this field, students can find themselves associated with superior five-star Hotels, Airlines, Hospitals, Cruise-liners, Railways, Travel Agency, etc. at a relatively high salary Packages normally offered to other stream graduates.

After graduating from this field, students can find themselves associated with superior five-star Hotels, Airlines, Hospitals, Cruise-liners, Railways, Travel Agencies, Government organizations and many more; at a middle level of operations and management in any of its core area of interest.

Name of the Course Subjects
Bachelor of Hotel Management & Tourism 1st Year

1. Food Production & Patisserie

2. Food & Beverage Service

3. Front Office Management

4. Hotel Law

5. English Prose & Uses

6. Travel & Tourism Management

2nd Year

1. English Composition & Business Correspondence

2. Hospitality Accounts

3. Hospitality Sales & Marketing and Public Relations

4. Management of Ticketing Fare

5. Housekeeping Management & Room Maintenance

3rd Year

1. Management Principles & Practice

2. Human Resource Management

3. Historical & Geographical Places of India

4. Catering Management & Menu Planning Techniques

5. Food & Beverage Management

6. Industrial Exposure Training & Development Report

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