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Our Nation’s economic growth depends on our capacity to educate, innovate, and build. Long-term national investments in basic and applied research and development (R&D) play an important role in the flow of market-based innovations through a complex system that leverages the combined talents of scientists and engineers, entrepreneurs, business managers and industrialists. These funds have led to everything from small entrepreneurial initiatives to growth in high technology industries with the concomitant employment of millions of workers.

The large impact on employment results from innovation impacts not only in high tech enterprises, but also other industries that benefit from increased capabilities and productivity. Mutually reinforcing and complementary investments in R&D by both private and public sectors work in concert to support the development, production, and commercialization of new products and processes.

Major Area of Research

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Bio-Diesel Plant: A Land Mark in Research & Development at RITEE

The Raipur Institute of Technology has pioneered in Research & Development of alternate fuel in the form of Bio-Diesel by establishing the full fledged Bio-Diesel Plant in the year 2006. The Plant is situated within the four walls of campus having all the state of art research & development facilities for discovery of commercially viable alternate fuels. The Bio-Diesel Plant is spread over area of one acre having labs, stores and administrative block. This plant is one of the only four agencies authorised and granted by department of Science & Technology Govt. of India for developing the Bio-Diesel with the help of non-edible oil seeds.

The whole idea of establishing this Bio-Diesel Plant is to promote the self sustenance in the rural sector by motivating the farmers to grow the commercially viable non-edible oil seeds plants. The Bio-Diesel Plant acts as promoter and awareness creator for the farmers & the students of engineering disciplines.

The by products of the process are de-oil cakes and glycerol out of which cakes are used to generate electricity where as glycerol is used for pharmaceutical & cosmetics products. The plant’s capacity is one tonne of seed input on a daily basis. The production of the plant is around 250kg of oil per day and the bio-diesel is used for college buses plied by RITEE beside being sold to rural market for diesel run machines.

The Bio-Diesel Plant in the current year has received a grant and authorization from department of Science & Technology of Central Govt. as the only testing lab in central India.

DST sponsored Project in 2006
Title : Cost effective Production of Biodiesel
Project cost : 20 lac
It is commissioned on : 10-11-2006
Completed successfully : 2008
Research in this area is still in progress
Proposal submitted to DST for testing facility in Dec 2008
Title : Cost effective Production and Testing of biofuel
Project cost : 20 lac
Defended on : 29-01-2009
RIT will be the first Institute in central India which will be having testing facilities according ASTM standards.

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