Testing & Consultancy Cell

Raipur Institute of Technology (RITEE)

Testing Cell

The Institute has developed up-to-date testing facilities in its various Departments. The testing services include determining the strength of building materials, testing of water for industrial and domestic use, chemical testing of cement, lubricants, fuels, alloys, ores, plastics, resins and other organic and inorganic materials etc.

Enquiry about the charges for the different tests can be made at the following
E-mail : or alternatively write to,
Head : Testing Cell
Raipur Institute of Technology (RITEE)
Chhatauna, MandirHasaud, Raipur - 492101

Tests will be conducted after receipt of the necessary testing charges in the office of the Institution. The Test Report will be given immediately upon completion of the test.

The expert opinion on the test report can be provided on demand. This is an additional facility available to the customer free of cost.

Consultancy Cell

Raipur Institute of Technology is expanding its horizons in different directions and in this process an important milestone has been reached by establishing a full-fledged Consultancy Cell for providing Consultancy, Testing and Employee Development Program (EDP) to the corporates. This cell has been in existence for some time now and so far, it has provided satisfactory services to several organizations.

Its continuous growth along the learning curve has resulted in development of a competence spectrum that has broader bandwidth, higher performance and conformance quality and negligible error probability. This cell draws upon the expertise and experience of a large pool of professionals associated with RIT, utilizing its well-equipped and state of the art laboratories.