Bhabha Atomic Research Center

DAE Technology Display and Dissemination Facility (DTDDF) Center in Raipur Institute of Technology

Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) is a pioneer Research Institution to reckon with commanding its prestige, fame and credibility world wide. Its area of research is wide spread, over variety of domains, from coveted atomic energy to agriculture related areas down to biogas under non-conventional energy sources.

BARC has active groups for Research and Development in Reactor Technologies, Fuel reprocessing and waste management, Isotope Applications, Radiation Technologies and their application to health, agriculture and environment, Accelerator and Laser Technology, Electronics, instrumentation and reactor control and Materials Science. Strong emphasis on basic and applied research in a number of core disciplines of Science has made synergy between basic research and technology development possible.

It has undertaken an ambitious mission of developments at village level, transforming lives of rural population. In course of dissemination of such technologies to help improved day to day life of our villagers/deprived poor people, BARC has chosen an institution of educational excellence namely Raipur Institute of Technology(RITEE), Raipur and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with it for making Chhattisgarh rural population alive to effective technologies to improve their life in real terms.

Inching towards the mission, DTDDF Center of BARC at Raipur Institute of Technology, Near Mandir Hasaud, has undertaken use of following technologies for awareness and training amongst rural population:

Technology Name PDF in Hindi
PDF in English
Vibro-Thermal Disinfestor Vibro-Thermal Disinfestor-Hindi-1
Vibro-Thermal Disinfestor-Hindi-2
Vibro-Thermal Disinfestor-English-1
Vibro-Thermal Disinfestor-English-2
Fluoride Detection Kit Fluoride Detection Kit-Hindi-1
Fluoride Detection Kit-Hindi-2
Fluoride Detection Kit-English-1
Fluoride Detection Kit-English-2
Foldable Solar Dryer Foldable Solar Dryer-Hindi-1
Foldable Solar Dryer-Hindi-2
Foldable Solar Dryer-English-1
Foldable Solar Dryer-English-2
Domestic Water Purifier, Based on Ultrafiltration Polysulfone Membrane Domestic Water Purifier-Hindi-1
Domestic Water Purifier-Hindi-2
Domestic Water Purifier-English-1
Domestic Water Purifier-English-2
Soil Organic Carbon Detection Kit Soil Organic Carbon Detection Kit-Hindi-1
Soil Organic Carbon Detection Kit-Hindi-2
Soil Organic Carbon Detection Kit-English-1
Soil Organic Carbon Detection Kit-English-2
Kitchen Waste (Biodegradable) Based Bio-Gas Plant Kitchen Waste Based Bio-Gas Plant-Hindi-1
Kitchen Waste Based Bio-Gas Plant-English-1

It is pertinent to inform that transfer of technologies in above area can be pursued and affected by visiting:

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