Raipur Institute of Technology (RITEE)

The institute is set up in a sprawling 19.45-acre beautifully landscaped campus at Chhatauna, Mandir Hasaud, Raipur, with a total built up area of approximately 2.75 lac sq. ft. With lush greenery and well-manicured lawns spread all around. RITEE provides an ideal setting for an intensive learning experience.
RITEE also provides a proper academic ambiance with well-furnished, spacious classrooms equipped with contemporary instructional accessories including OHPs and LCD projectors. A fleet of institute owned buses is available for transportation of students from different parts of the city.

RITEE provides the necessary hardware and software to cater to the computing needs of all students & members of the faculty and the training needs of information technology related subjects. The institute has established seven computer centers with more than 400 state of the art computing machines having software platforms including NT, Windows-2000, Novell & Linux.
Students are provided with individual terminals and they are imparted instruction using the modern technology of VGA splitter. Internet connection has also been provided which helps the students in their continuous search of knowledge through the World Wide Web.

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