Applied Chemistry

Applied chemistry is considered as one of the important specialties in the field of science.

Applied Chemistry in RITEE

About the Department


The Department of Chemistry is one of the premier, emerging and leading departments in science and technology with a growing list of accolades earned nationally and internationally. The Department started in 1995. It covers all the major areas of Chemistry, viz. inorganic, organic, physical, analytical and theoretical chemistry. In addition to teaching chemistry courses to about 480 students in the undergraduate courses of B.Tech in all the branches of Engineering. Advanced chemistry courses are taught to the students of M.Tech. and the research scholars intending to do M.Phil and Ph.D program with areas of research encompassing all major sub-disciplines of chemistry and many inter departmental and interdisciplinary areas. The department is actively engaged in research in the frontier areas of topical importance. The faculty of the department is well qualified, and motivated with a strong commitment to teaching, research and all round development of the students. The commitment to research is reflected by active involvement in sponsored research projects, funding agencies and supported by many departmental and institute central facilities. They are engaged in providing highest level and quality of academic education and have contributed towards the publications in national and international journals and conferences. The main focus of the teaching and research in the department is centered on interdisciplinary themes which have gained wide attention and appreciation. The department is equipped with state-of-art instruments known and required to carry out modern day chemistry. The students are provided a comprehensive practical exposure to the various instrumental techniques required for their research. They acquire opportunity to perform quality research in frontier areas. The chief mission of the department is to generate human resource of excellent quality, including chemists with high professional competence in interdisciplinary research.

  • The department also encourages strong link with industrial sponsored research.
  • The alumni of the institute occupy high positions in industry and academia, in India and abroad. Their accomplishments have been outstanding and reflect on the quality training imparted at the undergraduate and graduate level.