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Two particles which are initially at rest, move towards each other under the action of their internal attraction. If their speeds are v and 2v at any instant, then the speed of the center of mass of the system will be:-
The mass of a lift is 2000 Kg. When the tension in the supporting cable is 28000N, then its acceleration is : -
A body of mass 1 Kg is thrown upwards with a velocity 20 m/s. It momentarily comes to rest after attaining a height of 18 m. How much energy is lost due to air friction?
Four identical capacitors are connected in series with a 10 V battery as shown. The point N is earthed. The potentials of points A  and B are:-
In the given circuit diagram E = 5 volt, r = 1Ω, R2 = 4Ω, R1 = R3 = 1Ω and C = 3 µF. Then the numerical value of the charge on each plate of the capacitor is :-
 The primary origin(s) of magnetism lies in
S is the surface of a lump of magnetic material.
A passenger in an airplane shall
A long a streamline
Two tiny spheres carry charges +2µC and +8µC. They repel each other with a force of 16 Now if each of the spheres is given an additional charge of - 4µC (each), then the electrostatic force between the two spheres will:-
For similar charges, each of 4µC is placed at x = 0, 2, 4 and 8 cm on X-axis. The force exerted on the charge at X = 2 cm will be:-
A (+1) nC and a (-1) nC charges are placed as shown in the figure. Then the potential difference between two points A and B is:-
If an average person jogs, he produces 14.5 × 103 cal/min. This is removed by the evaporation of sweat. The amount of sweat evaporated per minute (assuming 1 kg requires 580 × 103 cal for evaporation) is
Electric charges q, q, -2q are placed at the corners of an equilateral triangle ABC of side The magnitude of the electric dipole moment of the system is: -
A particle A has charge +q and particle B has charge +4q with each of them having the same mass m. When allowed to fall from rest through the same electric potential difference, the ratio of their speed VA/VB will become:-
Two conducting charged spheres of radius r1 and r2 have the same surface potential. The ratio of their surface charge densities is:-
When a positive charge is given to a soap bubble, its size is found to increase. What happens to the size, if negative charge is given to a similar uncharged soap bubble?
In the equation X =3YZ2, x and Z are dimensions of capacitance and magnetic induction respectively. In MKSQ system (meter, Kilogram, second, Coulomb) the dimensional formula of Y is:-
A ball falls freely from rest. The ratio of distances traveled in the first, second, third and fourth second are:-
A rocket is fired upwards. Its velocity-time graph is shown. The maximum height reached by the rocket is:-
Note the following conditions:-

  • Average velocity between 0 to 2 sec is equal to the arithmetic mean of velocities at 0 sec and 2 sec.

  • Average acceleration between 0 to 2 sec is equal to the arithmetic mean of accelerations at 0 sec and 2 sec.

Select out of following motions that which fulfill both of the above conditions (i) & (ii) simultaneously
The sum of magnitudes of two forces acting at a point is 18 and the magnitude of their resultant is 12. If resultant is perpendicular to a smaller force, then magnitudes of forces are:-
If vector(A)+vector(B)+vector(C) = 0 and vector(A)+vector(C) = 0 then:-
The equivalent resistance between A and B is:-
Five identical lamps, each of resistance 1100 ohm are connected to 220 volts as shown in the adjoining figure. The reading of an ideal ammeter A is:-
The resistance of an ideal voltmeter is:
An electric bulb is rated 220 V, 100W. If it is operated at 110 V, then the power consumed is :
A battery of emf 10 V and internal resistance 3Ω is connected to a resistor, If the current in the circuit is 0.5 A, what is the resistance of the resistor?
A particle of mass 1 Kg is tied to a string of length 1 m and whirled along horizontal circle of radius 1 m keeping the particle on a smooth horizontal table at speed 10 m/s. The tension in string is:-
Centripetal force is:-
A particle is projected at 30o from vertical at 20√³ m/s. Its range is:-
When a disc rotates with uniform angular velocity, which of the following is not true?
In a permanent magnet at room temperature
As per Newton’s first law
A particle is moving on vertical radius under critical condition. Change in velocity when it reaches a middle position from the lowest position is:-
Which of the following are true?
A particle is projected at 20m/s horizontally. What is its speed at 5 sec (g = 10m/s2 ):-
A graph between the square of the velocity of a body and distance moved S is shown in the figure. The acceleration of body is:-
The magnetic field in the cylindrical region shown in figure increases at a constant rate of 20 mT/sec. Each side of the square loop ABCD has a length of 1 cm and resistance of 4Ω. Find the current in the wire AB if the switch S is closed.
A copper disc of radius 0.1 m is rotated about its center with 10 revolutions per second in a uniform magnetic field of 0.1 Tesla with its plane perpendicular to the field, the e.m.f. induced across the radius of disc is:-
In the circuit shown in figure neglecting source resistance the voltmeter and ammeter reading will respectively, will be:-
A paramagnetic sample shows a net magnetization of 8 Am–1 when placed in an external magnetic field of 0.6T at a temperature of 4K. When the same sample is placed in an external magnetic field of 0.2 T at a temperature of 16 K, the magnetisation will be
Heat is associated with
Two coils have self – inductance L1 =4 mH and L2 =1 mH respectively. The currents in the two coils are increased at the same rate. At a certain instant of time, both coils are given the same power. If I1 and I2 are the currents in the two coils at that instant of time respectively, then the value of I1/I2 is:-
Eddy currents are favorable in which of the following electrical instrument :-
In a series resonant LCR circuit, the voltage across R are 100 volts and R = 1kΩ with C = 2µ F. the resonant frequency is 200 rad/s. At resonance the voltage across L is:-
Electromagnetic waves are produced by:-
L, C, and R represent physical quantities inductance, capacitance and resistance. The combination which has the dimensions of frequency is :-
A metallic rod of 1m length is rotated with a frequency of 50 rev/s, with one end hinged at the center and the other end at the circumference of a circular metallic ring of radius 1m, about an axis passing through the center and perpendicular to the plane of the ring. A constant and uniform magnetic field of 1 T parallel to the axis is present everywhere. What is the emf between the center and the metallic ring?
A rectangular wire loop of sides 8cm and 2cm with a small cut is moving out of a region of the uniform magnetic field of magnitude 0.3T directed normal to the loop. What is the emf developed across the cut if the velocity of the loop is 1 cms-1 in a direction normal to the longer side:-
A pure inductor of 25.0 mH is connected to a source of 220V Find the inductive reactance and RMS current in the circuit if the frequency of the source is
The amplitude of the magnetic field part of a harmonic electromagnetic wave in vacuum is B0=510 nT. What is the amplitude of the electric field part of the wave?
A gun fire 10 bullets per second, each bullet has mass 10 gram and speed after firing 100 m/s. Find force on gun.
A particle is projected up an inclined plane of inclination α to horizontal at angle of particle strikes the plane horizontally, then :-
Two H atoms in the ground state collide inelastically. The maximum amount by which their combined kinetic energy is reduced is
Resultant of two equal force is equal in magnitude to each. Angle between them is :-
Relative density is :-
A particle moves such that t = √x + 7. Velocity is zero at
A car moving with a speed of 40 km/h can be stopped by applying brakes after at least 2m. If the same car is moving with a speed 80 km/hr, what is the minimum stopping distance:-
A bus starts moving with an acceleration of 2 m/s2. A cyclist 96 m behind the bus starts simultaneously towards the bus at 20m/s. After what time the bus will be able to overtake the cyclist?
A block of mass m is slipping down the plane friction free on the block is :
A bullet is provided force F = 600 -2 x 105t by a gun where F is in Newton and t in second. As soon as the bullet comes out of barrel forces on it becomes zero then what is the average impulse given to bullet :
Normal contact – reaction on a point mass kept on weighing machine at equator has value, considering rotation of earth :
A bullet of mass m traveling horizontally gets into a block of mass M and penetrates it for Δt time interval and come to rest with respect to block. The final velocity of the block and bullet is:-
Photon is quantum of radiation with energy E = hν where ν is frequency and h is Planck’s constant. The dimensions of h are the same as that of
A horse pulls a wagon with a force of 360 N at an angle of 600 with the horizontal at a speed of 10 km/hr. The power of horse is :-
Consider a system of two identical particles. One is at rest and other has an acceleration a. The center of mass has an acceleration:-
A mass of 5 kg is moving along a circular path of radius 1 m. If the mass moves with 300 revolutions per minute, its kinetic energy would be
A block of mass 10 kg is pulled by a constant force 200 N as shown, on a frictionless surface having radius 10 m. If block start from rest from A find its speed at B:-
The resistance of a conducting slab of length l and cross-sectional area A is R. It is first to cut into two equal parts parallel to its length and then each part is also cut into two equal parts perpendicular to its length now these four parts are arranged one over other then the resistance of this combination is:-
Choose the wrong option.
If the sun and the planets carried huge amounts of opposite charges.
Six resistance are connected as shown here. The effective resistance between points A and B is:-
The potential difference across the terminal A and B in the circuit shown here is:-
The current-voltage relationship for a device is shown by the curve of the figure. Then the part BC of the curve-corresponds to :
Pressure is a scalar quantity because