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The Central Library at Raipur Institute of Technology is well-stocked and fully-computerized. With an extensive collection of more than 35000 books covering the wide range of all our courses. The library subscribes to daily newspapers in Hindi and English. Our “Book Bank” consists of core texts books, which is accessible to the students for entire academic year. Services offered by the library include circulation, consultation, reference, and inter-library loan. There is also a collection of audio-visual materials like Maps, Atlas and recommended Compact Discs. Our library has comfortable Reading Rooms with a seating capacity of 140. It extends its current awareness services by providing newspapers/ magazines in the Staff Room and the Students’ Common Room. Working Hours: 9.00 am to 06.00 pm from Monday to Saturday except Sundays and other Gazetted Holiday


BARC Centre

Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, has signed an MoU with Raipur Institute of Technology (RITEE) for setting up of a DAE Technologies Display & Dissemination Facility (DTDDF) center. BARC official Dr. RVS Sharma and Mahanadi Education Society Secretary Shailendra Jain signed the MoU at Mumbai. In Bhabha’s own words “When Nuclear Energy has been successfully applied for power production in, say a couple of decades from now, India will not have to look abroad for its experts but will find them ready at hand“. Dr. Bhabha emphasized self-reliance in all the fields of nuclear science and engineering.



Working in a lab is the first hands-on experience that engineering students get in their career. The college has well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories for Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering as well as Applied Science subjects like Chemistry and Physics. Our well-established Workshops include Machine shop, Carpentry shop, Foundry shop & Welding shop. Our labs are regularly upgraded with the latest technological advancements in the respective fields of engineering. This allows our students to be acquainted with current technology.



Sports inculcate Team Spirit and we believe, irrespective of the field our students choose in the future, they must possess team spirit to gain success in any sphere. Playing sports on a regular basis imparts leadership qualities. Our students engage in multiple outdoor and indoor sports activities and participate in various tournaments. Many of our students have achieved success at inter-college events, state level and national level.



Our college cafeteria plays an important role by serving nutritious and hygienic food to our students and staff members. The Cafeteria provides wholesome and quality food at a reasonable price while also creating an attractive variety of menu for all.



The lecture rooms at Raipur Institute of Technology are designed to match the requirements of classroom training for teaching of professional courses. The lecture halls are well lit, well ventilated with the provision of air conditioners and comfortable seating, smart boards as well as modern teaching aids for smooth transfer of knowledge.