M.Tech Power Electronics

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M.Tech Power Electronics

Chhatauna, Mandir Hasaud, Sector 1, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492101 (+91) 93297 73028
(+91) 93297 73026 info@rit.edu.in

About the Course

The course is an introduction to switched-mode power converters. It provides a basic knowledge of circuitry for the control and conversion of electrical power with high efficiency. These converters can change and regulate the voltage, current, or power; dc-dc converters, ac-dc rectifiers, dc-ac inverters, and ac-ac cycloconverter are in common use. Applications include electronic power supplies, aerospace, and vehicular power systems, and renewable energy systems.

About The Department

The department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering of RITEE established in the year 1995, to offer an undergraduate program with an annual intake of 60. The department is also running post graduate M.Tech. Program in Power Electronics. The department gifted with highly qualified and dedicated faculty with specialization covering various areas of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

Scope of the Project

The current scope in the field of power electronics.

  1. Doing a job in any power electronics based company. There are several out there.
  2. Doing research in this field and inventing new things. For academic research, you can go for a Ph.D. For industrial research, you need to join an R&D section of a company.
  3. Develop innovative products and go for a power electronics based start-up.
  4. Power electronic devices are widely used in a number of home and industry appliances like Inverters, Stabilizers, voltage regulators etc. You need to be good at Power Electronics to get a technical job in those industries.


  1. It deals with the conversion of power for efficient utilization. All automobile companies need power electronic engineers for electric vehicle technology or other electrical systems in automobiles.
  2. In power systems, Flexible Ac transmission devices (FACTS), HVDC technology need power electronics for existence.
  3. Semiconductor companies like Texas instruments, analog devices, Semikron, Hitachi and Delphi etc, design, manufacture, analyze and test power semiconductors where power electronics personnel are required.

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